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Manzanita Lake Group Campground is Currently Closed for the Season

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Manzanita Lake Group Campground Overview

Manzanita Lake Group Campground is located at the west end of Loop B in Manzanita Lake Campground, the largest campground in Lassen Volcanic National Park. It is within walking distance of scenic Manzanita Lake, a popular fishing and family destination, and offers impressive views of Lassen Peak, the largest volcano in the park at 10,457 feet.
Manzanita Lake is popular with fly fishermen who enjoy the catch-and-release policy. Non-motorized boating is also permitted and kayak rentals are available nearby.
The park boasts more than 150 miles of hiking trails, a variety of which can be accessed from the campground. Many family-friendly hikes are available, as well as those for more experienced hikers.
The group campground is equipped with picnic tables, campfire rings and food storage lockers. Flush toilets, showers and drinking water are provided. A camp host is on-site.
This facility is conveniently located one mile south of the northern park entrance, close to the Loomis Museum, Loomis Ranger Station and popular hiking trails. Campfire and educational programs are presented at the museum and amphitheater.
Natural Features
The campground is situated at an elevation of 5,900 feet, adjacent to Manzanita Lake, surrounded by towering Jeffrey and ponderosa pines.
The national park is known for its volcanic history, as well as its diversity of more than 950 species of animals and flowering plants. The park is at the junction of the Cascade Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Great Basin, thus providing many unique habitats.
Lassen contains 300 active volcanic domes, as well as many hydrothermal features, such as mud pots and steam vents. Lassen Peak is the southernmost active volcano in the Cascades, and the second most recent to erupt in the lower 48 states, after Mount St. Helens.
Directions to Campground

From Redding, California, take State Highway 48 miles east. Turn right into Lassen Volcanic National Park and continue one mile south to Manzanita Lake Campground. Proceed to Loop B and go west to the back side of the loop where the group campsites are located.

This page includes information about Manzanita Lake Group Campground in Lassen Volcanic National Park | Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to steaming fumaroles, meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous volcanoes. Jagged peaks tell the story of its eruptive past while hot water continues to shape the land. Lassen Volcanic offers opportunities to discover the wonder and mysteries of volcanoes and hot water for visitors willing to explore the undiscovered. | California | https://www.nps.gov/lavo/index.htm