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Isle Royale National Park Campgrounds

Beaver Island Campground

    Belle Isle Campground

      Birch Island Campground

        Caribou Island Campground

          Chippewa Harbor Campground

            Daisy Farm Campground

              Duncan Bay Campground

                Duncan Narrows Campground

                  East Chickenbone Campground

                    Feldtmann Lake Campground

                      Grace Island Campground

                        Hatchet Lake Campground

                          Hay Bay Campground

                            Hugunnin Cove Campground

                              Intermediate Lake Campground

                                Island Mine Campground

                                  Lake Richie Campground

                                    Lake Richie Canoe Campground

                                      Lake Whittlesey Campground

                                        Lane Cove Campground
                                          Campground Closed due to an Emergency (details on campground information page)

                                          Little Todd Campground

                                            Malone Bay Campground

                                              Mccargoe Cove Campground

                                                Merritt Lane Campground

                                                  Moskey Basin Campground

                                                    North Desor Campground

                                                      Pickerel Cove Campground

                                                        Rock Harbor Campground

                                                          Siskiwit Bay Campground

                                                            South Lake Desor Campground

                                                              Three Mile Campground
                                                                Campground Closed due to an Emergency (details on campground information page)

                                                                Todd Harbor Campground

                                                                  Tookers Island Campground

                                                                    Washington Creek Campground

                                                                      West Chickenbone Campground

                                                                        Wood Lake Campground